How Gino Pozzo is Redefining the Position of Watford in the English Football

Did you know that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world? In England, it is not only a sport but also one of the greatest source of entertainment and employment. Watford is one of the teams that have one of the best histories in English football. Gino Pozzo is part of this team, as the owner and more importantly as a fan. From 2012, he has been instrumental in helping the team regain its lost glory. Pozzo efforts have started paying off, as the team is one of the best performing teams in the premier league. The following are the two reasons why Watford is one of the best teams in this league.

First, Gino Pozzo is more than an owner to this club. English papers refer to Pozzo as one of the most passionate investors in the world of English football. In less than seven years, he has convinced the world that Watford is one of the potential clubs in England. He understands that the club needs more than just funding. Through different agents, he has enhanced the club’s defense by bringing some brilliant defenders from Italy and around the world. Gino Pozzo has also assisted the club to scout for talents in other leagues around the world. Soccer pundits believe that in the next two leagues, the club may break to the top four and probably play in UEFA League.

Second, Gino Pozzo understands the club history, and instead of trying to change the club’s philosophy, he has embarked on a journey to solidify the club support. Watford has one of the best fan bases and in all their home matches; they have displayed unmatched teamwork and a competitive side. Pozzo has also assisted the club in solidifying their support base and more importantly brought more fans to the club. He hopes that by the end of 2020, the club will have a global following due to brilliant performance and club structures.

Rick Cofer Contributions to the Kind Clinic

Austin is a perfect definition of a future city. When you visit this city for the first time, one can do many things. The availability of many tourist attractions and unmatched freedom makes this city a futurist destination. Even though there is another side of Austin, the local government, together with organizations have been on a journey to correct that. Healthcare, for example, is one of the areas the local organizations and the local governments have invested. For the LGBT community, these services are inaccessible, and this reality is one of the reasons why Rick Cofer and other likeminded individuals come up with a way to correct this reality.

The Kind Clinic is unique because of its inspiration for equality and human dignity. Since Rick Cofer is one of the professionals that believe in equality, contributing to this noble idea is his way of affirming his belief of a just world. According to multiple pieces of research, there is a huge gap between disadvantaged LGBT communities and other populations in accessing basics. Healthcare, for example, remains of the areas with less investment. Fortunately, Rick Cofer, through this body is making a difference. These communities can now access better healthcare, and this reality is his dream come true as far as equality is concerned.

This platform will also ensure that Rick Cofer, with other stakeholders, address the issues of homelessness among the LGBT communities. According to researches, there are many LGBT persons under the age of 35 that homeless. Fortunately, the institution has the right structures, and in the next decade, cases of homelessness are solvable. To achieve these goals; however, Rick Cofer points out that working with like-minded individuals is important. Thanks to his impressive working relations and his organizational skills, more professionals and philanthropists are coming on board and in the next decade, there will be enough funds for the Kind Clinic.

Apart from being one of the people that are keen on making equality a reality in Austin, Rick Cofer Law is one of the advocates that have a long history of protecting the rights of other people. As a trained lawyer, he understands that legal representation is key in winning any legal case. Through his law firm, he represents clients on a different range of cases. However, Cofer is synonymous with his great understanding of criminal proceedings. For the last five years, for example, Rick Cofer has represented clients on a different range of cases such as cases dealing with felony cases, family violence, and drug possession.

Although he has one of the best legal understanding of the above issues, Rick Cofer is a lover of the truth. In all his cases, representing his clients and protecting the integrity of his law firm are the two most important career goals.

Heather Parry A Production Star To Watch

Live Nation’s president of production is Heather Parry. Her presences at the organization has been commanding and driving the company to new heights. Parry has not been outspoken about what she wants to accomplish, but rather she shows with her work ethic. Parry has been fearless on her path to greater successes at her helm in production.

Heather Parry 

Heather Parry was involved with the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie A Star is Born. This movie went on to win an Oscar for best song, and it became one of the highest grossing films. Heather Parry went after her part in production of this movie by telephoning Bradley Cooper’s agent. She did not sit back and wait for the opportunity to come to her. She appears to consistency call, make connections, and developed business relationships with people in various forms of media and the marketing world.

Live Nation Productions under Heather Parry has gone on to tackle other issues including gay rights and religion. The role she played in production with A Star is Born was one of many, and she prides herself on tackling several roles in her company and life at the same time. A Star is Born is just a shining example as some of her accomplishments, and you should look for Heather to be in more Oscar-winning and best-selling productions.

Previously, Heather Parry had worked at Happy Madison Productions, which is an Adam Sandler company. She had worked there for 10 years, and before that, she was an employee of the music video company MTV where she worked for over a decade.

Dr. Sameer Jujikar Saves the Day

Patient reviews rank Dr.Sameer jejurikar among the top physicians in the nation. He was also honored with the prestigious 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification which is an honor that was only given to only a handful of active doctors. It is so few, in fact, that only 3% of 870,000 doctors were awarded this honor in 2012. This award attests to the skills and compassion that Dr. Jejurikar has for his patients.

Dr. Jejurikar received his medical degree from the University of Michigan medical school, and he is a well-known board-certified surgeon. He has been practicing nearly two decades. His practice is located in the Dallas area where he specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery. You can find him working at many local hospitals. Those hospitals include, but are not limited to, Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center.

Generally, his expertise lies within the Cosmetic Surgery relating to the breast, body, face, nose and eyes, and his main purpose is to help his patients achieve their goals. He sees his job as one of the best ways to help people obtain their ideal body image. He insists that this in terms increases the self-esteem within his patients.

In addition to this, he loves what he does and the atmosphere of joy that you can find in his workplace. To Dr. Jejurikar, cosmetic surgery is more than just fixing how a person looks on the outside. It is more about helping people be proud of how they look and comfortable within their own skin.

Jana Messerschmidt Is Proud To Join Lightsped

Jana Messerschmidt is very glad that she is joining the company called Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Before she joined Lightspeed, she worked for five years at a company called Angels. At Angels, she invested in more than 50 companies that were in their early stages in a variety of industries.

At Angels, she also helped companies like Netflix and Twitter. Prefer, Pray and Cameo were consumer companies that she invested in. She also invested in enterprise companies like Buoyant , and Mutiny. She backed transportation companies like Bird as well as healthcare companies like Forward, Color, Nurx. Visla and Forward. She used her experience as a mother to invest companies like Winnie, Carrot and Lovevery. Based on her passion for retail, music and fashion, she connected financially with Rival, Re:store and Sarah Flinty. She used to be a hardware engineer and used that experience to invest in hardware companies like Nebia and eero. She is also known for investing in Ubiquitlink and Vecter Space.

During her Angels career, she worked closely with a variety of founders. They are still currently running their various companies.

Why did Jana join Lightspeed? She joined Lightspeed because she found a teem that was a really good complement to my weaknesses, strengths, interests and values. This team would help her be the most effective investor that she can be.

Jana Lightspeed, Messerschmidt’s nickname, feels that Lightspeed is a storied, strong venture firm. It has 20 years of history and it has a track record that includes 8 IPOs in the last two years. Some of these IPOs were StitchFix, Snap and MuleSoft.

The other things Jana Lightspeed likes about Lightspeed are that it makes investments in investor pairs, that it has a good mentor program and that her colleagues at this company bring a many sets of skills and experiences.

Jana Lightspeed should as successful at Lightspeed as she was at Angels.

Portfolio Manager Sandy Chin Looks to Help With Summer Reading Program

Sandy Chin has been a very successful professional in the financial services sector. She has spent a number of years working as a portfolio manager. Along with being devoted to her career, Chin is also an active member of her community. She has looked to help her community by offering a reading program for kids during the summer. It has been widely known that a number of elementary school kids stop reading during their summer break. As a result, their reading skills decline and they are therefore not as proficient at reading once the new year begins. At times, there are some students who are unable to read at their current grade level. As a result, they can be at a disadvantage. Chin is looking to address this issue by offering a program that donates books to kids. This will help relieve the financial burden of both the schools and parents of the students.


Many students often have their reading skill decline over the summer due to not reading as often as they did during the school year. They are often involved in other activities. Schools and parents have encouraged their kids to read during the summer and go to local libraries on a regular basis. However, most kids choose not to do this. In order to help provide an incentive for kids to read more during the summer, Sandy Chin has helped organize a book drive. This is where a number of people in the local community are asked to donate used books that they don’t want or need. At the book drive, students in elementary schools can then take a few books at the end of the school year. With the introduction of this program, many students will be in position to read during the summer and improve their overall reading skills.


Sandy Chin is the chief investment officer and a portfolio manager at the financial services firm Tidal Bore Capital. At this position, she is responsible for managing assets for a number of major clients. Prior to joining Tidal Bore Capital, Chin was a member of the investment firm Visium Asset Management where she helped manage stocks in the pharmaceutical industry. When she first began her career, Sandy spent a number of years as an analyst. She was responsible for evaluating stocks and making recommendations based on current trends in the financial markets.

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AM & PM and RVL

Looking good and feeling good. What could be better? We all want to be our best to snag that special person or enjoy long lives with our families. And we’re willing to pay for it. This drive has resulted in the health and beauty category becoming one of the largest money generators across the world. Companies are laser-focused on providing every health product imaginable. For one company, though, the goals are different. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis don’t want to only provide quality health products customers believe in, they want to help provide employment opportunities for people around the globe.

Their company is called Jeunesse Global. It produces scientifically-backed products using natural ingredients. They believe natural ingredients are the key to true health. The products range from vitamins to face washes geared to make people feel young and look their best. By focusing on quality, the products aren’t necessarily inexpensive; however, quality products also help provide wider benefits. Each product is sold by representatives in their own communities at their own pace. This allows people to sell products when they like, aided with techniques Randy and Wendy have found work. The representatives learn to sell effectively and have hope to generate strong incomes no matter where they reside.

Examples of some products they sell are AM& PM Essentials and RVL. AM & PM Essentials are dietary supplements that target a person’s vitamin needs for morning and night time. Using them individually provides a balanced approach to sustained health. They provide the vitamins the body needs when it needs it, and not when it doesn’t.

RVL is their hair product line. It again is different than the norm. It uses an exclusive technology by the company itself to increase hair shine and flexibility. It is a shampoo and conditioner specially designed for all hair types, designed to build hair strength while hydrating it, providing thicker, fuller hair compared to the competition.

Do these products work? The business growth has been the best gauge. They currently have representatives around the world and closing in on a multi-billion-dollar business. But in Randy and Wendy’s eyes, they won’t get there without the right formula, and that is the right products that benefit their customers and the world around them.

Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group Band of Companies

Since the foundér and Professional Cháirman from the Ql Band of Companies, Doctor Vijay Eswaran may be the mind of a multi-business conglomerate which has a presence in a number of sectors, which include direct offering, retail, economic solutions, education, and food. Its range-topping subsidiary, QNET, that was set up by the Malaysian businessman in 1998, can be today a worldwide organization (with officés in thé UAE as well ) that has been able to merge traditional méthods of product sales with all the e-commerce model. “What I actually envisioned was a fresh kind of cómpany that could combine the people power of a primary sales team with all the global reach of the web, ” Doctor Eswaran says, as he recalls the roots of his business. “So we mérged the proven direct offering business design with all the émerging web commerce system. ”

“My companions ánd We debated forever in what we’re able to sell that could set all of us apart, ” he offers. “We developed a numismatics ánd valuable metals model based on flourishing European marketplace strategies. We all procured the privileges to market the commemorative cóins in 1998 meant for the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the Asian Pacific cycles Rim, even though we were approaching past due right into a marketplace that was already 2 yrs into product sales, Leaving all of us much less period to market and compete successfully.

When asked “Whát had been a few of the troubles you encountered when you initially began, and how do you start getting recent thém?

When I 1st started my entrepreneurial trip, nothing was in my own favor. I got no cable connections, family or elsewhere, no financing from anyone, Asia was going right through a dreadful financial turmoil and nobody believed I’d succeed. The things I did possess was the dedication that my entire life had not been intended be squandered earning money for the purpose of another person. I used to be lucky to possess discovered like-minded companions and the unwavering support of my partner.

Louis Chenevert’s Unique Career Path

The business world is place where hard work and dedication can only get you so far. Research has shown that the surest path to long term sustainability is having a passion for the field of study an individual works under. From a young age, Louis Chenevert demonstrated this natural quality when it came to technology. The first step he took in his multi-decade career was graduating from University of Montreal. He entered the industry at the local General Motors as a fresh graduate looking for work. Louis Chenevert discusses the tale of his journey in a recent Ideamensch interview.

Louis Chenevert’s path to becoming Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation took nearly two decades. Upon arriving at General Motors, his work ethic was recognized by his fellow peers. This laid the groundwork for joining Pratt & Whitney years later. In this position, he acquired the relevant experience in leading a team and reforming production processes. This culminated in the implementation of a multi-part campaign during his tenure at United Technologies Corporation. He made the GTF engine an industry standard across the bored, while developing new technologies and acquiring vital assets to sustained growth.

The day-to-day operations during his tenure were extremely productive. His years working up the chain of command give him great insight into what employees need in each stage of their career. Louis Chenevert likes the idea of employees working small groups within the bigger organization. He believes the greater focus leads to greater outputs in terms of work and innovative ideas. His instinct for hiring the right individuals, and assembling the most efficient has only been refined over the years. He takes great pride in ensuring his workplace is free of negatively, to promotes only personal and company growth.

Technology has changed substantially since Louis Chenevert entered the industry a few decades ago. The process of assembling a product or improving existing products is performed on a scale like never before. As a retired individual, he still leans an hear to the next generation. He has a wealth of information to share with the young individuals.

Robert Deignan: Fulfilling the Role of Marketing Advisor to the SaaS Industry

Robert Deignan is a man who remained both persistent and diligent in his entrepreneurial pursuits to inevitably become CEO of his own IT company ATS Digital Services. In doing so, not only did he acquire notability for being one of the leading tech experts in customer service applications, but his company too obtained success for dominating the industry with its customer support tactics. Being that he has demonstrated the ability to effectively launch, oversee, and maintain the viability of a global business, he has assumed the responsibility of advising inspiring entrepreneurs and companies alike with critical intel.


When it comes to effectively managing the success of SaaS companies, Deignan mentions that the key lies within the marketing tool of investing in quality customer service. For SaaS companies, building company value through the execution of first-rate customer service is the most reliable method for maintaining long-term relationships with customers. Being that SaaS companies don’t market tangible products, Deignan advises that the offering of premier customer service is an absolute necessity for allowing SaaS companies to grow their brand. Nevertheless, in doing so, Robert Deignan relates that SaaS companies should hire customer service reps that possess the unique capability of going above and beyond the standard protocol of solely resolving customer issues in order to brand the company as having a positive image.


Yet, to even be in the position to have a listening audience for advice on financial/business prosperity, Robert Deignan had to previously prove his business savvy intellect and leadership through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Deignan utilized his high school football scholarship to attend and graduate from Purdue University with a degree in Business Management. After graduating, Robert Deignan then continued playing football as he had done throughout high school. Only this time he played in the NFL from 1997-1998 for the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins. However, after fulfilling his football passion, Deignan desired to pursue entrepreneurship and that’s when he started working on several business projects. He created Fanlink, Inc., worked as the Executive Vice President for iS3, and became co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital (globally affluent customer service tech company) in 2011.