Clearabee-Taking Care of Your Rubbish

Clearabee is the largest man and van rubbish removal company in the UK and employs over 165 workers. They also have 65 vehicles for rubbish removal in and around the London area.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and they began their rubbish removal services in2013 with just one vehicle in Northampton. They relocated to Birmingham, not far from London, and quickly expanded to offer their rubbish removal services. Clearabee does not subcontract which means that you can be confident that your rubbish always end up at a reputable waste disposal site.


Clearabee offer great customer service and they also offer a Beeloyal program that gives a 10% discount to its members on qualifying orders. They also have a skip bag service so that it is very convenient to get rid of your unwanted rubbish. With this service you can even have Clearabee take away your unwanted refuse from a place that is more convenient for you-the customer.


Clearabee offers their rubbish removal services 7 days a week and they offer 24/7 online bookings. They collect rubbish both day and night and even on weekends. They are a nationwide company and they only employ staff who are trained, courteous, and efficient.


Clearabee is perfect for both home and business rubbish removal services and they will work around your schedule. Clearabee operates their own vehicles and they employ staff that is directly through Clearabee-they do not subcontract any of their collections. Whatever job you need done, Clearabee can certainly handle it.

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