Arthur Becker – Real Estate Development and Interests

If one would look at Mr. Arthur Becker’s work desk, you would quickly be able to see evidence that he is a man with many professional interests. Throughout his long and varied career, Mr. Arthur Becker has worked with everything from technology investment and development to more recent endeavors such as real-estate and art. Lately, Mr. Arthur Becker has been investing his time working on a new real-estate project that for the first time in his career he’s the sole owner of.

The estate Mr. Arthur Becker has chosen for his personal project is located at 465 Washington Street in Lower Manhattan, located in a neighborhood called Tribeca. Since Mr. Arthur Becker purchased the building for 6 billion dollars the estate has not only had a grounds-up renovation but also be made larger with a significant expansion. Mr. Arthur Becker envisioned his project to increase the estate’s number of floors from four levels up to ten floors tall. To be able to go through with such an expansion to the selected estate Mr. Arthur Becker went through with and bought an adjacent estate located at 471 Washington Street for an undisclosed sum of several million dollars.

According to The Real Deal, being the first real-estate project that Mr. Arthur Becker is the sole owner of, and therefore has been completely in charge of makes the estate unique on the market. The ten-floor estate will also have its interior designed by world renowned interior designer Paris Forino. Paris Forino is well known for his extravagant interior design and will ensure that the real-estate will enter the market with a high sellout price estimated to sell for at least 52 billion dollars. It is yet uncertain when the project will be completed and enter the market, but have said to most likely be completed within the next couple of years.

Mr. Arthur Becker is however not only interested in real-estate, but having his office also functions as his personal art studio and gallery, having several of his own art creations on display. Despite this, Mr. Becker has stated in interviews that he’ll most likely continue working with real-estate.

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