Hussain Sajwani Paves the Way Towards the Future

At first glance, Hussain Sajwani might seem typical of a billionaire Middleastern oil baron, except for the fact that Mr. Sajwani did not amass his wealth directly from oil. His fortune has come from real estate, and the most interesting part of the story is that he started literally from scratch without so much as a building.


Soon after he was out of college, he had established a company called Global Logistic Services which was a food service company providing meals for the United States Army during the Gulf Wars along with the giant Bechtel construction firm and other American construction companies in the region.


Sajwani credits that experience with the acquisition of the skills of operating a large company in several different geographic locations. He also made some very significant contacts with high-level individuals in several different countries who would prove to be very helpful along the way.


In 2002, the climate in the UAE and Dubai changed because the Emirates had eliminated the restriction on foreign nationals owning property and living in the UAE. Sajwani saw the opportunity of a growing real estate market so he founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate investment, and management company.


Sajwani has been one of the major players in the transformation of the Dubai landscape from that of a desert to a booming metropolis of high-rise apartments, hotels, and resorts. His penchant for excellence and the best of the best is just what Dubai needed to make it one of the “go-to” spots on the planet.


It is clear that from the very beginning, Sajwani had the ability to apply ultra-effective marketing and promotional techniques in the advertising of his new enterprise. Such slogans as, “A New Bently For Each Apartment,” certainly got the ball rolling very fast. It was not long before the DAMAC name became well-known for excellent work and fair prices. Stressing high-end luxury apartments was something that no one else was doing and it quickly became a big hit, because many of the people coming into Dubai and the Emirates were well-to-do.


Today, DAMAC has been lauded by Forbes as the fastest growing company in the region and one of the most respected. With luxurious accommodations with sumptuous Italian Versace and Bugatti styling, it is no wonder that DAMAC became the company with whom people could make the best investment. Hussain Sajwani has become the main example of how ingenuity and hard work can make the best happen for everybody.


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