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Nick Vertucci Ascended from Rock Bottom and Wants to Help You

Nick Vertucci believes that great things can only happen when you take risks. Of course, they must be smart risks that ideally have much greater rewards than the risk involved. Vertucci has used this philosophy to bring himself up from the bottom after he had lost everything.

Nick Vertucci was an investor until he met a man who ran a real estate training company. He became his student and subsequently worked himself out of seven figure debt and building his personal wealth.

Nick continued in this business until his business partners forcibly kicked him out of his own business. This was devastating to Nick Vertucci both personally and professionally. This may have been his ‘rock bottom’ but Nick used it to springboard himself to even greater success.

Nick languished in this low point of his life for a time. He had a hard time trying to figure out what to do next with his life, time, and talents. He began to provide some turnkey opportunities for a client, but little else. He was not ready to move on until he changed how he perceived life.

It was at this time that he began to enact the philosophy that changed his life. He used pattern interruption to help him carry on when he felt like giving up. The pattern interruption process allowed him to take negative thoughts, feelings, etc. and turn them into positive.

This process, in itself, isn’t good enough to bring success. You must change your thought processes and put these principles into action if you desire success. His book, Seven Figure Decisions, is his way to help people who are at their lowest to ascend like Nick Vertucci did. His unique life experience and track record of real estate success allow him to help others find their success.

Rocket Education Redefing Formal Education

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006 in San Jose, Calif. The school is a non-profit charter school network that now has 18 schools in three states. The charter schools are made up of individual learning for grades kindergarten through 5th grade. In 2012, Rocketship school classrooms had 450 students per school.

Rocketship Education is committed to their belief that every child deserves an excellent education. Rocketship wants to make sure all their students are headed for four-year colleges. The road to college begins in kindergarten. The school has students, 75 percent who speak English as a second language. For students who can’t afford lunch, 90 percent of the students qualify for free school lunches. Out of 18,0000 students, 82 percent are from low-income families, and Rocket Education schools are in the top 10 percent for achievers. Some of the students have physical and learning disabilities and are thriving in this learning enviornment. No student should be ashamed of their identity whether they’re able-bodied, disabled, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, or straight. Everyone middle class, wealthy, and poor reserves the best education and opportunities the world has to offer them. Many of these students will attend graduate school and probably make six figure jobs oneday.

Why is Rocket Education different from public, religious, and private schools? Low-income families find it hard to give their children a good education. Rocket Education uses a combination of traditional instruction and adaptive technologies. Transformation schools can motivate teachers to do their best to learn new methods for reaching all students. Elementary school won’t be the same as it was when we were in elementary school. There are three levels of new training: Personalized learning, talent development, and parent power. Of the First time Rocketship Education students, 89 percent have returned to complete their elementary education.

Rocketship Education has a major impact on education, starting with the first graduates. Rocketship alumni who have gone on to middle school have performed one-year ahead of their classmates traditionally educated in math and English language arts, etc. Students are self-confident about their future.