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AM & PM and RVL

Looking good and feeling good. What could be better? We all want to be our best to snag that special person or enjoy long lives with our families. And we’re willing to pay for it. This drive has resulted in the health and beauty category becoming one of the largest money generators across the world. Companies are laser-focused on providing every health product imaginable. For one company, though, the goals are different. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis don’t want to only provide quality health products customers believe in, they want to help provide employment opportunities for people around the globe.

Their company is called Jeunesse Global. It produces scientifically-backed products using natural ingredients. They believe natural ingredients are the key to true health. The products range from vitamins to face washes geared to make people feel young and look their best. By focusing on quality, the products aren’t necessarily inexpensive; however, quality products also help provide wider benefits. Each product is sold by representatives in their own communities at their own pace. This allows people to sell products when they like, aided with techniques Randy and Wendy have found work. The representatives learn to sell effectively and have hope to generate strong incomes no matter where they reside.

Examples of some products they sell are AM& PM Essentials and RVL. AM & PM Essentials are dietary supplements that target a person’s vitamin needs for morning and night time. Using them individually provides a balanced approach to sustained health. They provide the vitamins the body needs when it needs it, and not when it doesn’t.

RVL is their hair product line. It again is different than the norm. It uses an exclusive technology by the company itself to increase hair shine and flexibility. It is a shampoo and conditioner specially designed for all hair types, designed to build hair strength while hydrating it, providing thicker, fuller hair compared to the competition.

Do these products work? The business growth has been the best gauge. They currently have representatives around the world and closing in on a multi-billion-dollar business. But in Randy and Wendy’s eyes, they won’t get there without the right formula, and that is the right products that benefit their customers and the world around them.

Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group Band of Companies

Since the foundér and Professional Cháirman from the Ql Band of Companies, Doctor Vijay Eswaran may be the mind of a multi-business conglomerate which has a presence in a number of sectors, which include direct offering, retail, economic solutions, education, and food. Its range-topping subsidiary, QNET, that was set up by the Malaysian businessman in 1998, can be today a worldwide organization (with officés in thé UAE as well ) that has been able to merge traditional méthods of product sales with all the e-commerce model. “What I actually envisioned was a fresh kind of cómpany that could combine the people power of a primary sales team with all the global reach of the web, ” Doctor Eswaran says, as he recalls the roots of his business. “So we mérged the proven direct offering business design with all the émerging web commerce system. ”

“My companions ánd We debated forever in what we’re able to sell that could set all of us apart, ” he offers. “We developed a numismatics ánd valuable metals model based on flourishing European marketplace strategies. We all procured the privileges to market the commemorative cóins in 1998 meant for the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the Asian Pacific cycles Rim, even though we were approaching past due right into a marketplace that was already 2 yrs into product sales, Leaving all of us much less period to market and compete successfully.

When asked “Whát had been a few of the troubles you encountered when you initially began, and how do you start getting recent thém?

When I 1st started my entrepreneurial trip, nothing was in my own favor. I got no cable connections, family or elsewhere, no financing from anyone, Asia was going right through a dreadful financial turmoil and nobody believed I’d succeed. The things I did possess was the dedication that my entire life had not been intended be squandered earning money for the purpose of another person. I used to be lucky to possess discovered like-minded companions and the unwavering support of my partner.

Louis Chenevert’s Unique Career Path

The business world is place where hard work and dedication can only get you so far. Research has shown that the surest path to long term sustainability is having a passion for the field of study an individual works under. From a young age, Louis Chenevert demonstrated this natural quality when it came to technology. The first step he took in his multi-decade career was graduating from University of Montreal. He entered the industry at the local General Motors as a fresh graduate looking for work. Louis Chenevert discusses the tale of his journey in a recent Ideamensch interview.

Louis Chenevert’s path to becoming Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation took nearly two decades. Upon arriving at General Motors, his work ethic was recognized by his fellow peers. This laid the groundwork for joining Pratt & Whitney years later. In this position, he acquired the relevant experience in leading a team and reforming production processes. This culminated in the implementation of a multi-part campaign during his tenure at United Technologies Corporation. He made the GTF engine an industry standard across the bored, while developing new technologies and acquiring vital assets to sustained growth.

The day-to-day operations during his tenure were extremely productive. His years working up the chain of command give him great insight into what employees need in each stage of their career. Louis Chenevert likes the idea of employees working small groups within the bigger organization. He believes the greater focus leads to greater outputs in terms of work and innovative ideas. His instinct for hiring the right individuals, and assembling the most efficient has only been refined over the years. He takes great pride in ensuring his workplace is free of negatively, to promotes only personal and company growth.

Technology has changed substantially since Louis Chenevert entered the industry a few decades ago. The process of assembling a product or improving existing products is performed on a scale like never before. As a retired individual, he still leans an hear to the next generation. He has a wealth of information to share with the young individuals.