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Portfolio Manager Sandy Chin Looks to Help With Summer Reading Program

Sandy Chin has been a very successful professional in the financial services sector. She has spent a number of years working as a portfolio manager. Along with being devoted to her career, Chin is also an active member of her community. She has looked to help her community by offering a reading program for kids during the summer. It has been widely known that a number of elementary school kids stop reading during their summer break. As a result, their reading skills decline and they are therefore not as proficient at reading once the new year begins. At times, there are some students who are unable to read at their current grade level. As a result, they can be at a disadvantage. Chin is looking to address this issue by offering a program that donates books to kids. This will help relieve the financial burden of both the schools and parents of the students.


Many students often have their reading skill decline over the summer due to not reading as often as they did during the school year. They are often involved in other activities. Schools and parents have encouraged their kids to read during the summer and go to local libraries on a regular basis. However, most kids choose not to do this. In order to help provide an incentive for kids to read more during the summer, Sandy Chin has helped organize a book drive. This is where a number of people in the local community are asked to donate used books that they don’t want or need. At the book drive, students in elementary schools can then take a few books at the end of the school year. With the introduction of this program, many students will be in position to read during the summer and improve their overall reading skills.


Sandy Chin is the chief investment officer and a portfolio manager at the financial services firm Tidal Bore Capital. At this position, she is responsible for managing assets for a number of major clients. Prior to joining Tidal Bore Capital, Chin was a member of the investment firm Visium Asset Management where she helped manage stocks in the pharmaceutical industry. When she first began her career, Sandy spent a number of years as an analyst. She was responsible for evaluating stocks and making recommendations based on current trends in the financial markets.

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