Jana Messerschmidt Is Proud To Join Lightsped

Jana Messerschmidt is very glad that she is joining the company called Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Before she joined Lightspeed, she worked for five years at a company called Angels. At Angels, she invested in more than 50 companies that were in their early stages in a variety of industries.

At Angels, she also helped companies like Netflix and Twitter. Prefer, Pray and Cameo were consumer companies that she invested in. She also invested in enterprise companies like Buoyant , and Mutiny. She backed transportation companies like Bird as well as healthcare companies like Forward, Color, Nurx. Visla and Forward. She used her experience as a mother to invest companies like Winnie, Carrot and Lovevery. Based on her passion for retail, music and fashion, she connected financially with Rival, Re:store and Sarah Flinty. She used to be a hardware engineer and used that experience to invest in hardware companies like Nebia and eero. She is also known for investing in Ubiquitlink and Vecter Space.

During her Angels career, she worked closely with a variety of founders. They are still currently running their various companies.

Why did Jana join Lightspeed? She joined Lightspeed because she found a teem that was a really good complement to my weaknesses, strengths, interests and values. This team would help her be the most effective investor that she can be.

Jana Lightspeed, Messerschmidt’s nickname, feels that Lightspeed is a storied, strong venture firm. It has 20 years of history and it has a track record that includes 8 IPOs in the last two years. Some of these IPOs were StitchFix, Snap and MuleSoft.

The other things Jana Lightspeed likes about Lightspeed are that it makes investments in investor pairs, that it has a good mentor program and that her colleagues at this company bring a many sets of skills and experiences.

Jana Lightspeed should as successful at Lightspeed as she was at Angels.

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