Article Title: How Steve Ritchie’s Emotional Intelligence Saved Papa John’s

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It has been a self-instigated tough business run for the besieged pizza giants. However, their new boss just took an astute step to bring the business back on track. Even in awkward moments when things seem to be falling, Steve Ritchie found a way to save the situation and keep the business running smoothly. As the new CEO, he took drastic measures that would see the company rise back to its previous glory.

Steve Ritchie’s first approach was to draft a well-crafted letter to Papa John’s customers. In this letter, Richie expressed his apology and defined the values of the company and its franchises across the world. To show his resolve, Ritchie instituted several measures to bring back customer trust. First, external auditors were called in to review the company’s diversity, culture, and other inclusion practices and identify its weaknesses and strengths.

Additionally, all senior management staff was tasked with going around all branches in the country and beyond to get vital feedback from employees that would be crucial in the creation of a clear development path. He also stated his determination to always remain transparent and accountable to his customers to regain their trust. This letter was drafted to include a direct apology to customers as well as show empathy through Papa John’s Promotional emails and subscriptions.

Papa John’s is a massive employer with over 120,000 workers. Steve Ritchie did not hesitate to remind his customers that these employees were community representatives as well as hard working individuals. By choosing to be held accountable for any actions, Ritchie proved that he is mature and had set the path for the company’s recovery. His quick adjustment as the new CEO proved to be a sincere effort from Papa John’s to win back the customer’s trust.

As CEO, he laid out clear steps to address inclusion as well as diversity, but at the same time, stated how he would be spearheading the efforts personally. With a positive approach towards Papa John’s recovery, Steve Ritchie hopes to steer the company in the right direction. At the moment, the company cannot afford any missteps. After all, we can comfortably order Domino’s.

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