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Realising the Importance of Cyber Security After I Was Hacked

To begin with, cyber-attacks are on the rise, and they are causing damage to companies, the government, and even individuals. For example in May 2017, the WannaCry attacks, a ransom ware that self-inscribed on about 300,000 computers and other forms of digital software in over 150 countries and as a result this was one of the worst cyber assaults (YahooNews).


Cyber Security is important because there has been an increase in the number of cyber security attacks, the severity of attacks and also for the future outlook. The cost of the threat of cyber threats will have risen to $ 6 trillion by the end of 2021 from a recent report. After I was hacked I thought my life was over but Rubica saved me. As a person who has been hacked, I can relate to this, personal emails are deleted; these hackers are able to get bank information from you and commit fraud if not detected early and mess with your credit scores. They also lock you out of your many email accounts and social media accounts which result in panic, frustration and more emotional turmoil.


Choosing Rubica


I chose to use Rubica after I was hacked because they eliminate all the complexity of cyber security for you and do it themselves. They have conduct real time analysis to ensure you data are safe.


Optimizing for Experience

Artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI, is a catch-all phrase for a number of technologies namely, data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning. Any machine that can perform duties that are primarily thought to be a preserve of the human brain such as decision making and problem-solving can be described as artificially intelligent. Many retailers, who want to be market leaders in e-commerce, are greatly warming up to the concept of artificial intelligence.

One of the companies making significant progress in the artificial intelligence field is Sentient Technologies. Founded in 2007, it has grown to become the best funded artificial intelligence organization in the world, having received upwards of $140 million in its ten short years of existence. Sentient has managed to get to its current point of market dominance by exploring evolutionary computing, engaging in deep learning and improving its scale capabilities to capacities that far exceed even those of huge cloud computing organizations.

One of the ways in which Sentient AI has been able to attract so many retailers is by tailoring its shopper engine to optimize for experiences as opposed to devices. That is, through one of its flagship products, aware, the company allows clients to pass on personalized shopping experiences on numerous devices. This adaptability affords the client significant reach given the fact that their experiences can now reach people on the most used digital device on the planet – the phone.

Sentient AI optimizes the ecommerce customer experience by first conducting a deep analysis of buyer intent. As opposed to the more commonly used option of words, the company analyses images to arrive at the buyer, thus making for seamless connection of consumers to the products they desire. This service can reach buyers on any platform, with the reported conversion rate for mobile devices being respectable three times over.

Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Group Dominate Dubai Property Landscape

There is no doubt about the fact that Hussain Sajwani owned DAMAC group dominates the property landscape in Dubai. Founded by Hussain Sajwani back in 2002 the DAMAC Group has interests in residential, leisure and commercial property development in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East. What’s highly interesting is the fact that Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC group have in the past collaborated with the Trump Organization in developing the Trump International Golf Club that saw sales of $2 billion worth of luxury villas.


In fact, as Donald Trump himself is not going to be involved in his business anymore since becoming President, it is Sajwani’s relations with the Trump children –daughter Ivanka, and sons Eric and Donald Jr. which are in focus. The origin of the success of the DAMAC Group lies not in property but in getting involved in food services during Operation Desert Storm in the 1990s. In fact, the group has worked for Americans across the world-Somalia, Bosnia and of course the Gulf.


Even before that in the 1980s, the Hussain Sajwani family was involved in the food business supplying catering services to workers employed in the Abu Dhabi energy sector. He decided to get into the Dubai property market just at the start of a year six-year boom in 2002, and the rest is history.


Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC group have interests other than core business. Charity, in fact, is a top priority for the team. This was in evidence recently when Hussain Sajwani wrote a check of AED two million to a campaign that seeks to clothe a million children around. The charitable initiative was inaugurated by none other than His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minster and Ruler of Dubai.


The growth trajectory of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, a graduate of the University of Washington, who started his working life as a Contracts Manager in GASCO to becoming the founder and chairman of the DAMAC Group is indeed a remarkably inspirational one. Going forward one can expect the group to obtain even greater heights than it already has. This will certainly be watched by interest in the Middle East and beyond.

Arthur Becker – Real Estate Development and Interests

If one would look at Mr. Arthur Becker’s work desk, you would quickly be able to see evidence that he is a man with many professional interests. Throughout his long and varied career, Mr. Arthur Becker has worked with everything from technology investment and development to more recent endeavors such as real-estate and art. Lately, Mr. Arthur Becker has been investing his time working on a new real-estate project that for the first time in his career he’s the sole owner of.

The estate Mr. Arthur Becker has chosen for his personal project is located at 465 Washington Street in Lower Manhattan, located in a neighborhood called Tribeca. Since Mr. Arthur Becker purchased the building for 6 billion dollars the estate has not only had a grounds-up renovation but also be made larger with a significant expansion. Mr. Arthur Becker envisioned his project to increase the estate’s number of floors from four levels up to ten floors tall. To be able to go through with such an expansion to the selected estate Mr. Arthur Becker went through with and bought an adjacent estate located at 471 Washington Street for an undisclosed sum of several million dollars.

According to The Real Deal, being the first real-estate project that Mr. Arthur Becker is the sole owner of, and therefore has been completely in charge of makes the estate unique on the market. The ten-floor estate will also have its interior designed by world renowned interior designer Paris Forino. Paris Forino is well known for his extravagant interior design and will ensure that the real-estate will enter the market with a high sellout price estimated to sell for at least 52 billion dollars. It is yet uncertain when the project will be completed and enter the market, but have said to most likely be completed within the next couple of years.

Mr. Arthur Becker is however not only interested in real-estate, but having his office also functions as his personal art studio and gallery, having several of his own art creations on display. Despite this, Mr. Becker has stated in interviews that he’ll most likely continue working with real-estate.

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Clearabee-Taking Care of Your Rubbish

Clearabee is the largest man and van rubbish removal company in the UK and employs over 165 workers. They also have 65 vehicles for rubbish removal in and around the London area.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and they began their rubbish removal services in2013 with just one vehicle in Northampton. They relocated to Birmingham, not far from London, and quickly expanded to offer their rubbish removal services. Clearabee does not subcontract which means that you can be confident that your rubbish always end up at a reputable waste disposal site.


Clearabee offer great customer service and they also offer a Beeloyal program that gives a 10% discount to its members on qualifying orders. They also have a skip bag service so that it is very convenient to get rid of your unwanted rubbish. With this service you can even have Clearabee take away your unwanted refuse from a place that is more convenient for you-the customer.


Clearabee offers their rubbish removal services 7 days a week and they offer 24/7 online bookings. They collect rubbish both day and night and even on weekends. They are a nationwide company and they only employ staff who are trained, courteous, and efficient.


Clearabee is perfect for both home and business rubbish removal services and they will work around your schedule. Clearabee operates their own vehicles and they employ staff that is directly through Clearabee-they do not subcontract any of their collections. Whatever job you need done, Clearabee can certainly handle it.

How Clearabee Helps Eliminate Rubbish In London

Clearabee is a company located in London which is the largest rubbish clearance company in the city. As they have a large number of men and vans employed, Clearabee offers quick response times as well as great value in removing any rubbish from your home or business that just needs to go away. They can often have a van at your location within hours of placing a call asking for their assistance.

The rubbish clearance service that Clearabee offers to the residents of London is broad. There’s very little that they can’t remove. They are open 6 days a week which includes early mornings as well as evenings. Making Clearabee even more of a value is that they don’t charge extra for zone 1 customers which helps keeps charges down for customers in that area of congestion.

At Clearabee they believe in operating a sustainable business. A such, the rubbish clearance they perform is completely diverted away from landfills. Instead, the waste is sorted into recyclable materials and otherwise handled in an environmentally friendly fashion.

One a Clearabee van and man arrive on site they are able to quickly offer a final quote after examining the state of rubbish clearance to be handled. They will remove all of the rubbish even if it takes a number of visits to the transfer station. This can even include multiple Clearabee vans as they have them all over London ready and waiting to clear rubbish away.