Avoiding Hair Damage

WEN is an excellent product line that I have personally used. I have used the hair mist to help me with fly away and to keep my hair smooth even during very muggy days. The Wen Hair Care product has sweet almond oil and smells delightful as it works at keeping hair tamed without making it oily. I have frizz-prone, but heavy hair, so I enjoy Wen as part of my hair-care routine.


Hair like mine doesn’t usually respond well to a lot of oil, so I kept it to a minimum with only the sprits from this line. Those with drier hair would do best with some of the heavier serums from the line.


In general, the almond-oil sprits was applied after shampooing and conditioning, and helps keep the hair from damage if you are using heat to dry it. Towel drying is kinder to your hair, and prevents split ends. That way you don’t have to use so much corrective treatment just to repair what heat has done to it.


Wen’s unique formula doesn’t lather. This has been proven to damage hair, which is why they don’t use it. No harsh chemicals, just healthy, vibrant, smelling-good hair is achievable with the WEN product line for a relatively low price! Purchase Wen online at qvc.com.


For more information, check out the Wen INC.com and Yahoo profile pages.