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Steve Lesnard Suggests Keeping The Consumer In Mind With Digital Marketing

While consumers may not think much about the marketing that they are exposed to, it plays a big role in their lives. This is especially true on digital platforms such as social media. Steve Lesnard had learned a lot about the marketing industry during his career and he has witnessed a lot of changes take place as the world is going digital with almost everything. While Steve Lesnard has seen social media bring a lot of new ways to companies that help them get their products in front of potential customers, it has also come with a considerable bit of issues as well. While big data is important with marketing and can help companies focus their efforts on consumers that would be interested in it, it can be easy to cross the line.

This is one of the reasons why Steve Lesnard knows it is important to put the needs of the customers first when it comes to marketing. You have to market your product in a way that they feel comfortable with while also managing to catch and keep their attention long enough to look into purchasing the product more. When marketing a product through social media, you have a lot of opportunities to make the opportunity interactive which can help them feel as if they are experiencing the product before they actually have it in their hands. You can get a lot across to your customers using digital platforms which can give customers a good idea of what it would be like to own and interact with your product.

Simplicity has always been important when it comes to advertising. Consumers don’t spend much time on each advertisement that they come across so you need to keep it as simple as possible in order to catch their attention and not overwhelm them with information at once. Steve Lesnard suggests focusing on just one feature of your product when it comes to your advertising campaign. Once the consumer has become interested in it, you will be able to convey the rest of the benefits that owning your product could have for them.

Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make Changes to Their Music

Entering into the music industry can be a difficult task. You have to know someone who can help you get into the business and from there, you have to know how to stay in the business. For most, they do this through the hiring of a manager. It is not the manager’s responsibility to help you make friends however for Alex Pall, he did just that. He was more than just the manager for Alex Pall, he was a friend magnet as well.

Alex Pall had been spending his time in the clubs in NYC playing tracks. He was well known. He was a DJ that had a name that people recognized. It was his name and his love of spinning that helped him to meet Andrew Taggart.

The manager of the Chainsmokers today was the same manager they had in the beginning. It was the manager that Alex Pall was using when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart. He was introduced as the pair held onto the same love of music. When the two were introduced, it was as if their souls had met in a previous lifetime. They instantly clicked and everything else just fell into place.

The scene that you see in a movie where two girlfriends are sipping wine and talking all day and night is similar to the scene between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. While the pair did not sip on wine and paint each other’s nails, they did however spend a weekend talking and discussing plans along with playing around with some music. When the weekend came to a close, Andrew knew what he had to do. He must return to Maine and quit his job to return back to the city to begin his time as a Chainsmokers. This was just the start of something amazing for the pair. Since then, they have climbed the charts and stayed there unlike many other groups or bands and artists. This would be the start of something magical that only the duo could understand or relate to. In an industry that is so hard to break into, for them, it was like the door was held wide open while they entered into the business.