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Kate Hudson Keeps Herself Involved with Fabletics

While business owners may commonly reduce their involvement with a company after it has taken off, Kate Hudson stays with her brand Fabletics and works closely with it as it moves forward with different phases. Kate Hudson stays with her company because she loves and enjoys the effect that she is having on her community. Therefore, she stays with her company because she is experiencing fulfillment in what she does. For one thing, she makes her company about more than just the clothes and accessories she is selling. She sends a message to people about empowerment.


Kate Hudson not only stays personally involved with Fabletics, but also encourages other people who are trying to start their own business to keep their involvement high on their business. After all, the business owners are the ones that are going to have the greatest understanding of their vision. Therefore, it is important for them to now only let people know about their vision, but show them examples of what can be done to meet their goals and their dreams. It can be very easy for business owners to stay involved with their company if they base their business on what they are passionate about.


Among the things that Kate Hudson does with Fabletics is look at the data each week. She gets a look at what items are selling and what items are not selling. If she sees a weak performance on one of the items, she takes it off the shelf. She replaces the older item with another item to see if it is going to sell. This is one of the reasons that her customer-based approach is very effective.


When talking about customer-based, her membership site focuses a lot on the customer. The customers are encouraged to complete a survey on their lifestyle. Then they are directed to the items based on the answers they are given. At the same time, they have the ability to choose other items that they are interested in. Fabletics is such a free site for members to choose their products and their style as they see fit.