Hussain Sajwani Paves the Way Towards the Future

At first glance, Hussain Sajwani might seem typical of a billionaire Middleastern oil baron, except for the fact that Mr. Sajwani did not amass his wealth directly from oil. His fortune has come from real estate, and the most interesting part of the story is that he started literally from scratch without so much as a building.


Soon after he was out of college, he had established a company called Global Logistic Services which was a food service company providing meals for the United States Army during the Gulf Wars along with the giant Bechtel construction firm and other American construction companies in the region.


Sajwani credits that experience with the acquisition of the skills of operating a large company in several different geographic locations. He also made some very significant contacts with high-level individuals in several different countries who would prove to be very helpful along the way.


In 2002, the climate in the UAE and Dubai changed because the Emirates had eliminated the restriction on foreign nationals owning property and living in the UAE. Sajwani saw the opportunity of a growing real estate market so he founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate investment, and management company.


Sajwani has been one of the major players in the transformation of the Dubai landscape from that of a desert to a booming metropolis of high-rise apartments, hotels, and resorts. His penchant for excellence and the best of the best is just what Dubai needed to make it one of the “go-to” spots on the planet.


It is clear that from the very beginning, Sajwani had the ability to apply ultra-effective marketing and promotional techniques in the advertising of his new enterprise. Such slogans as, “A New Bently For Each Apartment,” certainly got the ball rolling very fast. It was not long before the DAMAC name became well-known for excellent work and fair prices. Stressing high-end luxury apartments was something that no one else was doing and it quickly became a big hit, because many of the people coming into Dubai and the Emirates were well-to-do.


Today, DAMAC has been lauded by Forbes as the fastest growing company in the region and one of the most respected. With luxurious accommodations with sumptuous Italian Versace and Bugatti styling, it is no wonder that DAMAC became the company with whom people could make the best investment. Hussain Sajwani has become the main example of how ingenuity and hard work can make the best happen for everybody.


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Talk Fusion and their expansion in India

Background about Talk fusion

Over the past years, Talk Fusion has been on the forefront to provide direct selling as well as video marketing. The founder of the company, Bob Reina, had an idea of creating a short video and sending it via email. He noted that if this could go through as he planned, he would create a potential marketing program through video marketing. The founder pops out that video marketing brings the message to life and it’s more real. He also believes that video marketing could have a significant impact on the local market. Through the years, Talk Fusion has developed numerous tools for marketing products. These tools include, video chats, live video meetings, video newsletters, and video emails. The company is also involved in charitable activities more specifically in the countries that they serve.

Expansion of Talk Fusion in India

A major objective of every growing company is to expand its services to other countries so that it can grow internationally and draw in more profits. In the recent Talk Fusion announcement, they clarified their expansion plans to India. They also highlighted that their offices in India will be situated in New Delhi. Due to the rapid growth of the company’s product in India, the Offices in New Delhi are planned to serve dedicated support system to contain the marketplace. Guru Lal Singh will be managing the New Delhi offices in India.

According to an interview with Bob Reina, the news about the expansion of Talk Fusion in India had already spread within the majority. He added that the establishment of the new offices in New Delhi has made a lot of interested parties to participate.

The new manager, Guru Lal Singh, indicated that Talk Fusion offices in New Delhi would be centred based on the cultural success of India. The manager said that he was elated to learn that the founder of the company, Bob Reina was dedicated and interested to accomplish that mission. Guru Lal Singh indicated that India is set out to become one of the top marketplaces across the globe ( Bob Reina said that he had set out plans to travel to India to meet and discuss the company’s interest with the new manager and the rest of the team. The company’s key objective is to spread out their innovative technology so as to improve the living standards of the people of India as well as the rest of the world.

Madison Street Capital

At the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards in New York, Madison Street Capital won the award for the Debt Financial Deal of the Year. At the Gala celebrating the year for the leading mergers and acquisitions companies, they won the award for their work on the WLR Automotive transaction. They were chosen out of 650 companies for the award. They were also in consideration for being the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financial Deal of the Year. Madison Street Captial CEO Charles Botchway and the head over the transaction Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson accepted the award.


Madison Street Capital is a global middle market investment banking firm based in Chicago founded in 2005 who provides business evaluations, corporate advisory, financial reporting and opinions to companies. They also provide mergers and acquisition services and corporate financial advisory services to those who are trying to find the best help in order to move forward in their companies. With their capital raising process, they help companies with senior and mezzanine debt and help negotiate ideal terms with strategy. Other parts of their expertise include bankruptcy claims, buy out advisory, tax compliance, tax planning, business exit planning, capital restructuring, buy out advisory and many more.


With offices located in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, they also have worked in various international sectors including consumer goods, healthcare, real estate, information technology and renewable energy. With these businesses, they’ve helped them to seek a commercial presence in the United States and find United States-based capital providers. For their philanthropic efforts, they created a fund called the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund with the United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area. It is a ten-year plan designed to help various communities with education, finance working-class families by 2018.


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Kate Hudson Keeps Herself Involved with Fabletics

While business owners may commonly reduce their involvement with a company after it has taken off, Kate Hudson stays with her brand Fabletics and works closely with it as it moves forward with different phases. Kate Hudson stays with her company because she loves and enjoys the effect that she is having on her community. Therefore, she stays with her company because she is experiencing fulfillment in what she does. For one thing, she makes her company about more than just the clothes and accessories she is selling. She sends a message to people about empowerment.


Kate Hudson not only stays personally involved with Fabletics, but also encourages other people who are trying to start their own business to keep their involvement high on their business. After all, the business owners are the ones that are going to have the greatest understanding of their vision. Therefore, it is important for them to now only let people know about their vision, but show them examples of what can be done to meet their goals and their dreams. It can be very easy for business owners to stay involved with their company if they base their business on what they are passionate about.


Among the things that Kate Hudson does with Fabletics is look at the data each week. She gets a look at what items are selling and what items are not selling. If she sees a weak performance on one of the items, she takes it off the shelf. She replaces the older item with another item to see if it is going to sell. This is one of the reasons that her customer-based approach is very effective.


When talking about customer-based, her membership site focuses a lot on the customer. The customers are encouraged to complete a survey on their lifestyle. Then they are directed to the items based on the answers they are given. At the same time, they have the ability to choose other items that they are interested in. Fabletics is such a free site for members to choose their products and their style as they see fit.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Take Over As President Of Bradesco

There are very few big names in the field of finance and banking in Brazil. Banco Bradesco is one of the few notable banks that have stood tall in the face of their competition to emerge as one of the top banks in the country. The company has had some of the most influential people in the field of finance working amongst their ranks. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one such notable member of the company who is known to have an incredible influence on the financial industry in Brazil. Earlier this month, Bradesco came forward to state that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be taking over the position of President of the company. He will be taking over from Márcio Cypriano, who was one of the most influential people in the company. He had an incredible contribution to the company, and now is leaving the fate of the company in the hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is considered to be an essential member of the company. He has an excellent knowledge of the market conditions and knows the internal functioning of the company exceptionally well. Through the course of his career, he has proved time and again that he can lead a company into a profitable direction.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Bradesco has always had the policy which mandates that executives have to retire at the age of sixty-five. However, the company has made exceptions in the past and will do so once again for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who was set to retire this year. The board of directors has decided to give him an extension so that he can take up the position of President for the benefit of the company. Another tradition that the company follows is that of nominating people from within the ranks to take up higher positions. All of the people working in executive positions at the company have been working with Bradesco for a considerable amount of time. The company does this to ensure that they have the very best working at their higher positions, and have people who understand the company in great depth to take it further in the direction of development.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working at Bradesco when he was still a teenager. He began working as a bank clerk, who then graduated to better positions at the company. He worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and ultimately was made the financial executive of one of the investment branches of Bradesco. He then got transferred over to the main headquarters of Bradesco and began working as one of the people leading the company. He has constantly developed through the course of his career, bettering his skills and expertise as he goes along the way.

Having worked in every aspect of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands where the company needs to develop, and where their potential lies according to This, coupled with his leadership skills makes financial analysts believe that Bradesco is being left in good hands.

Bradesco currently stands at the number two spot amongst private banks in Brazil. The company has played an incredible role in the banking system in the country and has had an incredible history of over seventy-four years. The bank is operational in almost every part of Brazil, with several banks and branches all over the country. The company has several thousands of employees working to keep the banks functional all over. As the leader to these employees, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a lot resting on his shoulders but is bound to lead the company in a favorable direction owing to his experience that he has in the field of finance and banking.

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Betsy Devos – article recap

Prior to her elevation as Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos had been a central figure with education in her home state of Michigan. Her controversial appointment was criticized by many across the country, who simply portrayed her as a wealthy woman with scant awareness of the issues facing public education.


Even after that appointment, DeVos’ confirmation process saw her deal with a bruising battle that saw her confirmed by a single vote. An purported joking reference during those hearings about administrators using guns in schools to protect against grizzly bears left her open to ridicule and charges that her intellect was suspect.


The belief that the 58-year-old DeVos was out of touch also focused on the fact that she and her husband sent their children to private schools and that she had long championed charter schools. In the latter case, her efforts in the beleaguered city of Detroit have thus far met with limited results. However, those supporting DeVos have presented her as an individual who ignores critics in an effort to focus on her given agenda.


Despite DeVos’ background as a strong advocate for Christian-based schools, there’s also been an effort to present a different image. Working with rapper Pit Bull, who’s opened up a number of charter schools in his native Miami, DeVos has sought to show that her privileged background doesn’t preclude her from attempting interactions with minority communities.


In addition, she had reportedly battled Trump in changing a policy that removed policy that had helped to support transgender students and bathroom options. Her critics indicated that her willingness to stand alongside the President when announcing the change and her public comments about it that involved criticism of the Obama administration undercut such support.


What might surprise those critics is that DeVos has made an effort to reach across the political aisle with respect to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA). In the latter case, the effort was fruitless, while Randi Weingarten of the AFT spoke with her by phone and sought to find common ground.


Still, Weingarten warned about the need for DeVos’ critics to avoid the trap of taking her lightly. The two have previously battled in Michigan over her efforts there and figure to engage in many similar conflicts over the next three years as polar opposites try and move the cause of education forward.


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An Overview of Lori Senecal Advertising Career

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky who is well known for her robust personality and well versed in the field of advertising and marketing. It is this credibility in global advertising field that led earned her the position of the CEO in the above company. She started working in the agency in 2015 where she has made a significant impact on its business and culture. She has developed it to a modern worldwide, innovative, collaborative and agile agency that providing consistency internationally with strong local market flair.

Before her appointment as the CEO of CP + B, she had held the position of Global Executive Chairperson of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal where help the company grow its global vision rapidly. It was during her tenure that KBS developed to from a 250 person domestic agency to more than 900 people globally. She strives to come up with innovative technology solutions to solve challenges facing businesses. For more details visit LinkedIn to see more.

Lori Senecal believes great advertising is the same as great style. She is a queen in the field of advertising and marketing with her promotion of big brands like BMW contributing significantly to her fame.

Lori Senecal attributes coaching to her inspiration and success in her career of the advertising business. She says that coaches aim at being excellent and developing a sense of compassion which are two critical attributes needed in being successful in the world of advertising. Knowing everything about a business before venturing into it is a useful strategy that Lori Senecal uses in generating new business. This will help in coming up unique and robust advertising and marketing campaigns. Check out GCReport to see more.

Thinking clearly and being focused are attributes that have significantly contributed to her successful career. She brings her idea to life by collaborating radically. Lori Senecal recommends approaching leadership with the same amount of vision and follows through since an idea is good enough when tried practically. From her successful career, one learns that being confident in yourself and not being distracted by fair determines the success of a person significantly. She will be exiting the advertising arena at the end of this year.

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Betsy DeVos is changing the world over

Our world lacks the proper role models are children are hoping to find. While this is true for boys, it is even more accurate for girls. Media bombards girls with messages that they should gossip, be engaged in Twitter Wars, become shallow and give their bodies away to men who just want to use them for their own ends. However, while our world may be lacking in these needed role models, Betsy DeVos stands as the beacon of light that our girls so desperately need.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan which is where she was also raised. Here, she would spend her childhood and attend the Holland Christian High School. This private institution formed a passion in her heart for private education. She saw its power and influence over a child’s life and knew this was something she wanted to promote later in her life.


It was at Calvin College residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan that she would earn her degree in business in economics and launch her respected career.


She began serving the Republican Party as the National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992 to 1997. The GOP would also ask her to serve as the Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Michigan from 1996 to 2000. After stepping down for three years, they would approach her with the request that she serve again in that role in 2003. She served in this position so well that the administration of George Bush took notice. The Bush administration would approach her and request she serve the National Republican Senatorial Committee as the finance chairperson, a role she gladly accepted.


Her career in politics would reach its height when she was approved by the 2016 Senate to serve in the Trump Cabinet as the Secretary of Education. Here, she implanted her passions of charter schools, school vouchers, and school choice.


While these political offices are respectable, where her legacy honestly comes from is her service in the area of philanthropy. Her most famous contribution in philanthropy comes from the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


This foundation is driven by the passionate Christian beliefs of Betsy DeVos. Her organization focuses on bettering our country by building on the core values that strengthen every nation. Her foundation cultivates people’s abilities to lead, educate, seek justice, help the community, and produce art.


In the year 2015, Betsy DeVos gave $11.6 million through the DeVos Foundation. This gift caught the attention of Forbes who ranked the DeVos family number 24 on their list of America’s donors. As of this writing, the DeVos has given over $139 million to these various causes and the organizations that support, promote, and spread them.


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Securus Technologies on Quality of Life for Inmates

One of the leading businesses in the industry of inmate communication is the Dallas-based company called Securus Technologies Inc. It has been around since 2014 and it has already established itself as an authority in the area.


Over the past couple of months, there has been a discussion about the way institutions such as medical establishments and correctional facilities treat inmates. The question that had risen prior to the discussion had been about whether the experience of incarceration could be enhanced is some way to achieve a more fundamental change of mindset for the inmates. Securus Technologies Inc. spoke up on the matter and talked about some of the aspects of the incarceration experience that should be changed and made better for inmates.


One of the first points that the company of Securus Technologies Inc. brought up was the way hospitals and clinics threated inmates. While doctors have the right to deny criminals medical attention, hospitals have been wary of treating inmates in need for many a decade. Medical care for inmates is unreliable too often and that makes inmates develop a lack of trust in such establishments while in prison and after they are released from it. According to Securus Technologies Inc., inmates should start receiving a more reliable health care.


In terms of changing the mindset of inmates, education is the way to go according to the company. Access to good education and educational entertainment will have a large part to play in making inmates more responsible and compassionate according to the business. Education is after all on the most sought after aspects of life.


As a whole, Securus Technologies Inc. believes that enhancing the quality of life for inmates will prove beneficial to their development and the way they look at society in the long run and after they are released.


Boraie Continues to Make New Brunswick Better

Ever since Boraie Development first started, they have been working to make sure New Brunswick is improved from where it was at. The owner of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie, knows a lot about development so he feels he will be able to improve the city until it is at where it should be. He wants people to know what he can do so he can help them with different things. He also wants to ensure the city will keep growing no matter what type of issues they had in the past. It was a way for him to make the biggest difference possible.

Even when New Brunswick had a hard time, Sam Boraie knew he would be able to help them. He saw the city as somewhat of a project. Since he was also a resident of New Brunswick, he knew he could make it better for himself and for other people, too. There were many differences that the city had when he first started compared to the things he is currently doing with the city. It will help him to make things easier for different people no matter what issues they have in their lives.

New Brunswick used to be an area that had extremely high crime rates. There were different types of crime happening all around the city so Sam Boraie wanted to fix that. He didn’t think that anyone needed to have to deal with those issues. He took the chances that he had and made sure he was able to help others with the crime in that area. When he realized what he was doing with the crime in the city, he found that the developments he was working on were actually helping with the crime rate all around New Brunswick.

Before Sam Boraie started with Boraie Development, there were many people who were moving out of the city. According to, in fact, more people moved out of New Brunswick than were moving into it. He wanted to fix this and chose to help people out. He created living space and work opportunities with the buildings he was creating. These drew people to the city. Now, for the first time in many years, there are more people who are moving into New Brunswick than there are moving out of it. He wants to continue that trend with the other developments he is working on in the entire city. View his full profile on